The top result on Amazon search for literature on Egungun costs £72. And while Youtube is awash with Egungun videos that are free for those with time to sift through varying video and sound qualities, ( you also have to know how to quickly back out of videos that might show up some of  our more unsettling  practices around animal sacrifice), its rarer to find Egungun videos that provide a little insight into the tradition.



So it was useful to find this interview of two elders talking about Egungun practice in Yorubaland.




John Thabiti Willis’s Vimeo page has  more subtitled interviews    (English only) held in some Yoruba communities where Egungun is performed regularly.



Egungun enchants us all! Below is a work of fiction around the Katrina tragedy that somehow involves the Egungun. Its on my list to read 🙂




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