If you miss someone , say a grandparent , great grandparent, or even parent what better way can the community support each other’s grief than to bring that person back to life briefly even if just for one day a year. The ancestor  makes an energetic and happy perfomance reassuring us that they live on and are happy. Sometimes they pass on words of advice and repeat phrases they were well known for. Sometime they admonish , and always  they pass on blessings for life, health and prosperity.

The centuries old tradition of Egungun is a respectful and  beautiful ceremony borne out of love and honour to our lost and deceased ancestors.  In more recent decades they have had to fight to keep their space in certain colonised Yoruba minds of Nigeria, so retaliations and  overzealousness have spilled into violence.

Ola Ajayi tells us  how the festival is going this year in this Vanguard article:


Yoruba Egungun mythology: When the dead bless the living

In other towns in Oyo State, especially in Kisi, Oke Ogun area of the state, they too, had their share of nightmares during egungun festival. Recently, about twenty-five were seriously injured in a bloody clash that erupted between some Muslim youths Vanguard Newspaper





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