My two experiences with Babalawos were both second hand – As a child, a family member brought me a herbal treatment for a skin condition that befuddled orthodox medicine and had been going on for a year.

It completely  disappeared 2 weeks after I started the Baba’s green ointment. I still have the scars from where the Yaba Hospital (orthodox medicine) did a biopsy  and  later thinned my skin trying to understand whether I had some kind of cancer or fungus, before Yoruba science came to my rescue.

The other time was when money was stolen, and a family member took suspects to a Baba in order to discern which was the thief. He was correctly identified by divination. When I got back from work and heard what went on, I wasn’t really convinced but then he confessed as he was packing his things to leave!

Wailed loudly about his reasons for taking the money and what he did with  it. He was also a relative so we still saw afterwards but I didn’t get the chance to ask him how surprised he was to be outed by Ifa.

My curiosity was ignited since then.

The list of things Babalawos are said to be able to resolve is long and sometimes incredulous but I never scoff, because of my own experience. The world is full of mysteries and it’s not only pharma companies that have the keys .

Both pilloried and revered in different measures by the Nigerian movie industry , over the many years since Westernisation and foreign faiths entered the homeland shores,Babalawos remain a mystery to many of us. Whenever I get the chance and a Baba that’s forthcoming with answers I always use the opportunity to solve as many mysteries as possible.

Babalawo Ajagun is also an Onisegun, and after celebrating his Ifa Festival on 28th July he has been carrying out Ifa initiations.He’s great with answering my curious questions. I asked him about his Ifa festival and also the initiations.

Baba’s godson from USA who attended his Ifa festival and also got initiated on the same day



TY: Aboru Aboye Abosise, Happy Ose Ifa !
Baba: Ogbo Ato Asure Iworiwofun.
TY: What does Ogbo Ato Asure Iworiwofun mean?
Baba: Ogbo means you live long, Ato it will be straight/in order/organised, Asure Iworiwofun means all your Iwure or prayers be answered
TY: What is Ebo?
Baba: These are Etutu used to sacrifice different gods as directed by Ifa. When you consult Ifa for any certain life problems or whatever , Ifa will tell you the Ebo/Etutu to appease gods
TY:  Do you all dress up  in Ifa outfit or traditional Yoruba outfit?






Posing for photos during Ifa Festival
Posing for photos during Ifa Festival





pic of Baba Ajagun- Bottom left
Baba Ajagun- Bottom left





Sightseeing in the homeland : Baba's godson poses with Opa Oranmiyan
Sightseeing in the homeland : Baba’s godson poses with Opa Oranmiyan


Sightseeing: Baba Ajagun with his godson at Opa Oranmiyan
Sightseeing: Baba Ajagun with his godson at Opa Oranmiyan



Pic of Baba Ajagun selecting leaves for Ifa cleansing
Setting up  leaves for Ifa cleansing




pic of goat, and other ebo and bowl of ikin on the mat
Initiate presents Ebo





Photo of initiate taking that step into Igbodu
Taking that step into Igbodu


Ifa cleansing leaves - Elu
Ifa cleansing leaves – Elu






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