The Orishas, Yemoja, Oya, Oshun, Elegba and Oshosi, are gods who represent humanity in all its forms, and who frequently turn up in the ‘real’ world. When our ‘hero’ Oshosi, already a successful hunter and all-round alpha male, decides his only wish in life is to join them, he sets out to impress Elegba so that this ‘god of the fork in the road’, the god of luck, but also of accidents, will take him to supreme God Oludumare’s party.

Find a perfect gift for Elegba to present to the top man? No problem – or so Oshosi thinks. But his decision to pursue that special present, come what may, leads him down a path that will end in tragedy.

The Illusion of Truth is an hour of fast-paced, mesmerising performance storytelling. The lives of the gods are skilfully woven into the human story, a story powerfully delivered by Menzies, who keeps up the narrative pace while taking on the persona of one character after another. Her beautiful dancing encapsulates each deity’s qualities, from wild, possessed whirling as Oya, god of the wind and storm, to the sinuous approach of the river goddess Oshun, queen of luxury, pleasure, sexuality and fertility, who ‘snakes her way towards him.’ – THE EDINGBURGH REPORTER


Mara Menzie’s The Illusion of Truth is on at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High Street (Venue 30) August 3-7, 13-17 and 21-24. Tickets £9/£7 from the Fringe Box Office or the Scottish Storytelling Centre.



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