Our humble organic, hand dyed, authentic Yoruba print is set to hit the Spring Summer 2018 runways in America. So Vogue Magazine and The NewYorker say….

In The New Yorker-

The New Yorker

West Africa’s Most Daring Designer
The New Yorker
The fabric, called adire, is a centuries-old craft of the Yoruba people, who created prints that communicate messages or observations. Osakwe is repurposing traditional motifs, while inventing her own. “With adire, it’s always used as a hidden >>>read more

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And in Vogue –

Maki Oh
Those charming hand-painted, inky lines were created with adire, a Yoruban hand-dyeing technique. Osakwe has turned to various traditional Nigerian textiles in her work, including raffia and silk fringing, but her use of adire has become a compelling…..>>read more

Adire’s rising profile means the local indigenous industry may have a chance to survive!



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