This annual event in Iseyin Oyo State for buyers and weavers,  is a welcome development to promote the use of our indigenous Yoruba fabric amongst ourselves and to the outside world. A huge market site for Aso Oke weavers was also opened. This is #AuthenticAfricanfabric.

Aso Ofi festival: Celebration of local fabric opens up international trade prospects
Aso Oke has for generations maintained a pride of place among the Yoruba people and has now extended to other regions in Nigeria. When the government in a bid to be proactive and put the state on a better pedestal economically has put in place a system …>>> read more 

Coordinator of the festival who stated at the inception of the planning for this edition that people need to see the fabric beyond wearing for weddings as it can be improved to a level of massive revenue generation for the people and the government. “The Aso Ofi can be used to make bags, shoes, wristwatches and many more. Since I came back to Nigeria, I stopped wearing jeans, what I now wear are materials designed in unique ways with the Aso Ofi,”….read more



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