The Homesick Yoruba Chronicles© touches down in Ogbomosho. A spontaneous moped (okada) ride and a phone camera transport you to this bustling  Yoruba town today.


Shola Ola says

“Ogbomoso is a city in Oyo south western Nigeria,that is on the
highway. It was founded in the mid 17th century.the population was at approximately 645,000 according to the 2006 census. The majority of the people are Yoruba but due to relations through business and trade, more tribes such as Hausa,Igbo,Fulani, and even people from the neighbouring countries such as Togo and Benin Republic are well settled and living in the city.

Ogbomoso is a fertile land,which make farming very lucrative and majority of the people in the land depend solely on the farm products of the land for food,which made food fairly available. Yam,cassava,maize,cocoyam and tobbaco among others are the notable agricultural products.

Ogbomoso is also known for fruits,with Orange,Cashew and mango topping the list of fruits that can be found in large quantity in Ogbomoso,and the ogbomoso mango specifically is one of the sweetest in the country as a whole.”

OJA AKANDE (Akande Market) is “where you can buy food stuffs and other things. See market women doing their normal thing,such as attending to their customers and calling others to patronise them.

Ogbomoso women are so smart and wise when it comes
to selling market and enticing buyers to buy.

Their way of presenting what they sell is so warming and very polite that would make strangers to patronize and even want to come back to buy in other times of visits.”



a woman roasting corn to sell as it is the season of new maize in the town.



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