Is Alaafin still Muslim?

Alaafin at Muslim prayers. He’s said to have angered the Muslim congregation at this event because his wives(behind him) were in front of the rest of the men. Doesn’t look like he cared much….


If he is, then  the foreign religion seems to be losing its grip on our foremost Yoruba ruler.

Here he is taking a swipe at ‘received religions’ including Islam:

Yoruba land is at a critical juncture, today more than ever before. The assault on our culture has assumed frightening dimensions, coming from the received religions of Islam and Christianity, especially their puritanical and pentecostal trends.

“Family life, nature and pattern of social relations, indigenous social welfare, family names and praise names, values and traditions have almost been completely destroyed by their portrayal as evil, satanic or demonic.

“It is no longer that they represent inferior civilization as was the case when the religion just came but that they are evil, demonic and satanic in all areas.”

He’s right! The other day, some pastor woman was condemning certain aspects of  our traditional marriage ceremonies as “ungodly” in order to portray Christian rites as pure :-/  . Getting more and more aggressive with their tactics.

Good thing  Alaafin doesn’t mind whose ox  is gored as he defends our heritage. We appreciate you Kabiyesi for speaking up for our traditions and culture. Please lead the young ones towards the light….

Olowu of Owu with his two eleha wives


Ooni in church
Oluwo of Iwo in his Muslim /Arabic garb



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