Yorubas ” annual Egungun festival is a centuries old Yoruba tradition, and one of the most colourful cultural celebrations in West and Central Africa.” – BBC News

The festival revolves around the Egungun – a hidden fellowship of people who adopt elaborate masquerades and are supposed to morph into ancestral spirits during the event. Pictured here is an Iwo elder, shortly before his transformation>>> read the full article here .

Amongst the Yoruba, the annual ceremonies in honor of the dead serve as a means of assuring their ancestors a place among the living. They believe the ancestors have the responsibility to compel the living to uphold the ethical standards of the past generations of their clan, town or family. The Egungun are celebrated in festivals, known as Odun Egungun, and in family ritual through the masquerade custom.- Wikipedia


You can buy Egungun costumes on EBay. Presumably from foreign visitors to Yorubaland selling their souvenirs. And sometimes offers pop up on Facebook from the (living) costumiers who hand make them for  the Egungun houses that perform the yearly  Masquerade of the spirits. Everybody trying to earn some dollars, lol. So if you fancy dressing as a Yoruba spirit of the dead next Halloween , now you know.



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