Kabiyesi Alaafin  has published a letter to show support for the persecuted Afro Brazilians. Transcript below:


The Brazilian devotees of the religion

Àṣà òrìṣà aláàfin comes through this public declaration externalize his support for all devotees of òrìṣà in Brazil and also repudiate any act of religious intolerance and acts of violence against practitioners of African matrices.
Those who follow the religion of òrìṣà in Brazilian territory, either through any tradition (Candomblé, umbanda, batuque and other traditions) keep alive the spiritual essence that links the Yoruba to the Brazilian people, and that is why they are our brothers.
The religion of òrìṣà has as its main doctrine the respect of human beings, and thus does not have among its principles any kind of practice that is not to help people find their spiritual balance.
We hope that the competent authorities will take the necessary measures to combat these acts of violence against the followers of òrìṣà, as it is a cultural heritage that is kept alive until the present day.
To the adherents of the religion religion throughout Brazil, thank you for keeping the essence of òrìṣà alive outside the land lands, our most sincere support to everyone and know that we ask the òrìṣà to protect them at this difficult time.

Òrìṣà gbè wa

Àsà Òrìṣà Aláàfin Ọ̀yọ́



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