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Connecting with the Yoruba people through blogging

Welcome to theYoruba blog, where you are guaranteed to find all inclusive information concerning the Yoruba people. You may be Yoruba yourself but we also realize that you may be a culture enthusiast and this is the best place to be if you want to keep up with the traditions of the Yoruba people. The Yoruba ethnic grouping is one of the largest in Nigeria, ranking among the top four national languages. Based in southwest region of Nigeria, Yorubas can also be found in Benin, Togo and across the world in Brazil, The USA and UK.

The conversation among African descendants about Slavery In Africa is not over and in this blog wherever Yoruba historical events or culture brushes against/is interwoven with the slave trade, Saharan or Atlantic, it will be respectfully  highlighted.

Ever heard of Wole Soyinka? He is a renowned West African writer of the Yoruba nation. Heard of the Ife bronze sculptures? That was an archeological find that left Western civilisation scratching it’s head about West African art and metal working skills. Art is a popular occupation of the Yoruba people and different people practice different trades. From sculptors to bronze smiths and now to literature gurus, theYoruba blog will bring you stories of people who boast of diverse capabilities. Any event that happens in the lives of Yoruba nationals far and wide is worth making a report about and this is a purpose for which this blog exists.

In regard to events, you can trust the Yoruba to make dramatic appearances during any kind of social event. Whether it is a formal event or the ever so popular traditional wedding ceremonies, the Yoruba are known for their peacock style show ups.

Did you know that the Yoruba based in other parts of the world still uphold their culture and traditions? Probably the only African ethnic group that still subscribe to their roots, we will tell you what happens in festivals held in London and other parts of Europe.

With so many people still loyal to their ethnicity, and yet so many scattered all across the globe, theYoruba blog aims to be a unifying factor between them all. Some live outside of Nigeria because of colonial administration or economic migration and a lot more beyond the African continent as a result of slave trade but neither of these two groups is content with being far from its roots.

If you are keen on following the culture of the Yoruba people, there is no need to travel to all venues of our festivals. You can trust this blog to bring you news of events as they unfold both in Africa and beyond, with coverage of clothing, food as well as religious affiliations.

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  1. Congratulations on your DNA test. You are welcome back into the Yoruba fold. I hope you find some useful info on the blog for your planned trip. Ire o!

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